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This county owned rural hospital is located in a highly competitive market. The facility serves a county population of approximately 22,000.


The hospital was missing out on serving a large part of its patient base by not having a geropsych behavioral health solution. By adding our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), the facility is now able to effectively address the emotional and behavioral needs of adults 65 or older, through a combination of therapies, education, community activities, and wellness programs. Now the hospital is a valuable resource for their own primary care providers as well as providers referring from outside their network.


After fully assessing the facility and its market, the choice to incorporate an outpatient behavioral health program was a prudent decision. Kanopy provided the facility with a turnkey program that utilizes space on the hospital’s campus, has minimal operational costs, and provides a steady revenue stream. Best of all, the hospital is improving the daily functioning and quality of life of their patients.

Program Benefits

  • Provides continuum of care
  • Fulfills growing patient base
  • Reliable new revenue source
  • Creates new community jobs
  • Turnkey program with support

Program Benefits

  • Less than 20 hours of therapy per week
  • 3 group therapy sessions per week
  • 1 group activity session per week
  • Monthly appointment with a specialist
  • Monthly treatment team meetings


Average Monthly Net Revenue


Annual Net Revenue


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