Your Hospital's Lifeblood.

Here’s an interesting question to consider. What aspect of
your facility is not affected by your cash flow?
Think about that
question for a moment and you will discover that literally every part of
your health system is dependent on your billing and collections. So
when we say that cash flow is the lifeblood of your hospital, it makes
perfect sense because it is essential to your very existence as a
healthcare provider. This thinking also defines our business approach.
We offer several different resources for our client hospitals, but the core
of our business centers around Revenue Cycle Management.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our programs are completely customized to your hospital, and our Revenue Cycle Management services can be contracted as a complete program or as a specialized service to target and improve key elements of your revenue cycle process. To help make a better determination of how Kanopy can best help your hospital, we begin with a full evaluation of your entire revenue cycle process.

Evaluating your RCM process:
The following are some of the highlights of our evaluation process. Our evaluation answers these key questions and points out the weaknesses and strengths within your revenue cycle process.

  • Do you have a well-trained and motivated billing staff?
  • Is there effective communication throughout all departments?
  • Are there effective information gathering methods?
  • What are your Point of Service procedures?
  • Can you boost the Cash Flow process?
  • Do you measure your Key Performance Indicators?

Key Performance Indicators

  • Days in A/R
  • Total A/R > 90 Days
  • Bill Hold Days
  • Bad Debt
  • POS Collections
  • Cash Collections

Operational Resources

While most rural hospitals share some common traits and challenges, they also have different needs based on their community demographics and patient base. For this reason, we offer all of our operational resources as stand-alone programs, allowing community hospitals to access Kanopy’s menu of services without having to endure a full management contract.

  • Provider Enrollment
  • Denial Management
  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Meaningful Use
  • Service Line Additions
  • 340B Pharmacy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Quality Measures
  • Survey Readiness

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