I recently had a conversation with Brian Enis, COO of Ascentium Healthcare Resources, based in Magee. Officially founded in early 2018, Ascentium’s primary focus is in supporting the challenging billing and collections effort for rural hospitals, medical groups, and clinics. Given the challenges in American health care today, and most especially for rural health care, the work that Ascentium does is vital to the survival and well-being of those providers.

Brian joined Ascentium as COO at the onset. Many of Ascentium’s employees are former employees of Pioneer Health Services, whose assets were acquired by Ascentium after Pioneer folded. A resident of Brandon, Brian holds degrees from Belhaven, Mississippi College, and MSU. He’s married, and has 3 kids.

Brian told me that Ascentium’s primary focus in in providing billing and collections support for its clients, but additionally, offers strategic planning, 340B pharmacy programs, and some support for behavioral health programs.

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